Eye-Top Centra

Eye-Top Centra
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The ultimate wearable video screen for comfortable and private video viewing on the go!

Canít live without your video fix even when youíre walking down the street? Need a private screen to watch your content in total intimacy? Want to enjoy your favorite TV show or video game on the go?

Discover Eyetop Centra now!

Eyetop Centra is the first wearable video screen with stereo sound, making it possible to enjoy multimedia content wherever you are. Just plug it into your mobile video device, put your glasses on, store your video device for hands-free operation, and benefit from having a TV set right in front of your eyes!

Best of all, Eyetop Centra lets you stay in touch with your surroundings. You can watch the video action on the built-in screen while you monitor the live action through your fashion Eyetop sunglasses. Feel free to move!

EYENEO LLC is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high quality, precision, personal video glasses under the brand name EYETOP. The history of Eyetop is in providing durable, rugged video glasses to the military and governments around the world. Uses include targeting, observation and security. Now, Eyetop has taken this technology and introduced Eyetop video glasses for business and consumer applications.

Eyetop video glasses allow the user to function in the real world and yet obtain video information from the small color video monitor built into the Eyetop video glasses. The user is not cut off or separated from their environment, but can function normally within it. This is a distinct Eyetop advantage. Eyetop glasses are not bulky or heavy. Eyetop video glasses weigh only about 2.2 ounces. Eyetop makes two models available, the Eyetop Classic and Eyetop Centra, designed either for intermittent short term viewing or long term viewing.

The Eyetop video glasses system consists of two parts. There are the video glasses. They are adjustable so the image can be aimed directly, in focus at your eye. Second, there is the electronic control unit. It is about the size of a small walkman type cassette player. It contains the electronics and batteries. Four AA batteries will power the Eyetop for about 7 hours. It has control adjustments for color, brightness, tint and hue. A default mode will return the adjustments to original factory neutral positions. The control unit includes a detachable belt clip.

Connection to a video source is easy. The control unit has the industry standard RCA female jack. Simply connect any composite (normal video) signal to the Eyetop to view the video image in the Eyetop video glasses. Devices that connect to the Eyetop can include: video game, DVD player, VCR, camcorder, professional video camera, computer, spy camera, model aircraft or car camera, TV tuner or personal video media device. Eyetop will accept both NTSC (North America) and PAL (Europe) video signals. The conversion is automatically done by the Eyetop control unit.

The use of Eyetop video glasses is limited only by your imagination. Eyetop video glasses over an alternative to bulky, heavy CRT (TV screens). Wherever a video monitor is used is a potential application for Eyetop video glasses. One advantage is that the Eyetop video image will not get washed out by the sun. Another is that the user need not turn away from what they are viewing in the real world to look at the Eyetop video monitor.

The Centra comes with a blue tint lens that includes Ultra Violet protection. It is available only in a right eye model. It includes stereo audio earbuds. The control unit included with the Centra also has left and right audio input jacks to pass the audio signals to the earbuds. The video image can be focused, or moved up/down. Multi position click stops allow the user to quickly move the image left or right. These adjustments allow you to position the viewing module so it is directly aimed at your eye.

The viewing module is located vertically in an "at rest" eye position. This is a position that is lower in your field of view. It is like the position for reading with bifocal glasses. This is the position of the eye when you are sitting in your easy chair and relaxing.

Second, to exaggerate, the viewing module is closer to the nose than the ear. Functionally, the Centra is designed for someone who wants to view video information or video entertainment for a long period of time. Thus it is ideal for watching a movie. Yet, the wearer still maintains the ability to be aware of or move about within their environment. The left eye is still free to focus on the real world. Or, by looking up, both eyes can instantly see the environment.



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