iGlasses PC/SVGA Commercial Ruggedized

iGlasses PC/SVGA Commercial Ruggedized
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Ruggedized i-Glasses uses a durable,double ratchet headband system, to quickly and comfortably secure the HMD. No longer will users need to hold the HMD stationary with one hand while navigating through the virtual environment with the other. Ruggedized i-Glasses also includes a position sensor mount compatible with most of today's tracking solutions. i-glasses PC/SVGA... A New Direction for Computer Monitors!

The i-glasses PC/SVGA is a portable, high-resolution computer monitor that connects to virtually any PC source (via 15 pin VGA connection). The i-glasses PC/SVGA weighs only 8 ounces for lightweight, comfortable wear, and is fully adjustable. With a fixed focal point at the equivalent of 13 feet, they require no focus adjustment or IPD adjustment, even if you wear prescription glasses. [The average personís resting fixed focal point is between 11 and 14 feet].

Product Features:

Supports stereoscopic 3D computer imaging*

True 800X600 resolution

70 inch Virtual Image, as seen from 13 feet

Connects to both PC and MAC

Optional re-chargeable battery available


PC Gaming

Training and simulation

Private Portable computing. Turn off your laptopís monitor to save power, and keep prying eyes from seeing what youíre working on.

Find out for yourself why the award winning i-glasses are used by NASA, the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, Medical Research Teams, Law Enforcement Agencies, Doctors, Dentists, and Healthcare Professionals in the U.S. and abroad.

Comes with VGA Cable, and a US Power Supply (100V A/C-9V D/C output). For foreign orders, we include an international plug adapter kit, and universal power supply.


Resolution: 1,440,000 pixels per LCD (800X600)

Field of View: 26 Degrees Diagonal

Virtual Image Size: 70Ē as seen from 13 feet

Color Depth: 24 Bit Input

Condition Refurbished - Like New with several new accessories

Click here for: The iGlasses PC/SVGA Commercial Ruggedized instructions

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