Logitech 3D HeadTracker

Logitech 3D HeadTracker
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The Logitech 3D HeadTracker is typically mounted into HMD's (head mounted displays) or into eyewear for Virtual Reality and Simulation.

The Tracker plugs into your serial port and delivers 3 dimensional, 6 degrees of freedom (x, y, z, pitch, yaw, roll) control. Up to four HeadTrackers can be connected together to act simultaneously in VR or Simulation applications.

Ultrasonic technology eliminates metal or display interference.

The Logitech Head Tracker consists of a transmitter, helmet-mountable receiver and control box. The transmitter contains 3 speakers which emit ultrasonic signals and the receiver contains 3 miniature microphones to sense these signals. The transmitter and receiver communicate along a line of sight, facing each other. Both devices contain mounting holes to facilitate mounting in a wide variety of configurations. A control box is connected to both devices and determines the position of the receiver based on the timing of the microphone signals. Driver Software Head Tracker is shipped with driver software for PC and SGI platforms.

Product Specifications:

6 degrees of freedom

3D and 2D modes

Ultrasonic Technology

High level of ruggedness

PC and Unix compatibility

250 dpi resolution/ 3D mode

400 dpi resolution/ 2D mode

Baud rate: 19,200/ 3D mode

Baud rate: 1200/ 2D mode

Update Rate: 50 reports/sec

Tracking Speed: 30 inches/sec

Tracking Space: 5 ft. long, 100 degree cone

Host Interface: RS-232 serial, 9 or 25 pin connector

Power Supply: external 115VAC (230VAC available)

Product Features:

Mount with HMDs for VR Simulation

Ultrasonic Technology eliminates metal or display interference

Includes transmitter, head-mountable receiver, control box, and driver software

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