HD3D Alaska (6 min HD Trailer) 16:9

HD3D Alaska (6 min HD Trailer) 16:9
Item# 3DH-113
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3D aficionados may enjoy this new travelogue produced from footage taken on a trip to Alaska. The video was shot in true stereoscopic high definition (1280 X 720p) format. The full length version of "An Alaskan Cruise in 3D" has been rescheduled for release early 2010. Samsung and Mitsubishi "3D Ready" high definition televisions are especially recommended for this feature.

Windows Media Video file in 3D multiplex format (.wmv)

For viewing on 3D video systems using Tridef or Stereoscopic Player

Length: approximately 6 minutes

Size: 525 Megabytes

The estimate official release date of this product as a full length movie is March of 2010

Click here for: HD3D Alaska 16:9 Dual 720p (6 min HD Trailer)

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