3D DV Recorder & Player

3D DV Recorder & Player
Item# 3DH-125
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3D DV Recorder & Player DVR with Built-in SD/MMC, Supports for Simplified Chinese, English, and Korean Model Number:X3

Product Overview

Video play & display, 2.2 QVGA stereo TFT LCD or VGA binocular stereo display module, play & display 2D/3D video file in AVI form.

3D dynamic video capture in AVI

2D dynamic video capture in AVI

3D static image capture in JPG at VGA degree.

2D static image capture in JPG

2D/3D real-time playback supporting normal 2D/3D photo view

Support for Simplified Chinese, English, Korea etc.

USB 2.0 high-speed interface

Support 2D AV OUTPUT

Build-in SD/MMC, high capacity up to 8G

Product Specifications:

Movie/Video Capture: real-time MPEG-4 encoding( 3D/2D), stereo mp3 encode and discoed.

Image Capture: JPEG encode/discoed(3D), 2D image up to 3megal pixels.

Memory Support: maximum 8GB capacity of SD/MMC card.

Monitor: built-in optical grating naked eye 2.2 inch stereo LCD 3D stereo binocular display module

Camera: focal length: wide-angle lens( equivalent to 35mm of optical film camera as the 35mm focal length of the lens) The two optic axis distance: 60mm

USB Version: 2.0 high speed interface

Audio And Video Interface: A/V output intercalation interface.

Power: built-in power supply: +3.7V 1800mAh, working around two hours continuously. (binocular-module energy consumption will be much quicker)

External Power: +5V DC power adapter.

Dimensions: 130X142X50MM

A. Dual imaging sensors and stereographic processor Stereo imaging with VGA (640X480) including the process of parallax, focus function and distance layer.

B. Stereo LCD and binocular display module, polarized theory.

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