3D Hardware Pack (2 Ultra-Clear Samsung-Mitsubishi 3D Glasses & IR Transmitter)

3D Hardware Pack (2 Ultra-Clear Samsung-Mitsubishi 3D Glasses & IR Transmitter)
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Now including your choice of any 3 3D Blu-rays (from the drop down selections above)!

3D Hardware Pack (2 Ultra-Clear Mitsubishi 3D Glasses & high performance IR Transmitter)

You can use your favorite, Mitsubishi or higher quality Ultra-Clear IR version 3D glasses with virtually any Din-3 application including Samsung & Mitsubishi 3D Ready DLP Televisions!

Our Ultra-Clear HD 3-D Glasses equal and exceed the quality and comfort of all major brands. You don't have to pay hundreds of dollars for extra Mitsubishi or Samsung 3D glasses! Our glasses are compatible with all Samsung and Mitsubishi 3D ready home theater DLP systems. Also feel free to purchase up to 15 glasses for use with our high performance IR transmitter.

*** Please note: This kit will work perfectly with any 3D DLP television, for most newer 3D Ready televisions all you will need is a standard 3D Blu-ray player or PS3. Older 3D DLP televisions 2011 or prior may require a checkerboard 3D Signal as do all Samsung DLP or Plasma with the Mini Din 3 Port as pictured above. If your television requires a checkerboard 3D signal please click here for our: Checkerboard 3D output PRO 3D Glasses Pack

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