3D Pro Custom Computer for Single DLP Projector or DepthQ

3D Pro Custom Computer for Single DLP Projector or DepthQ
Item# 3DH-130
Extra Wireless 3D Glasses:  Add Additional 1TB Hard Drive: 
Availability: Usually ships the same business day

3D Professional Multimedia PC (All software & hardware is installed configured and tested. Simply turn on the computer and it is ready to use immediately)

Simply plug in your projector and get ready for the 3D experience of a lifetime!

This collection comes with the following:

3D HDP (High Definition Professional) Terminator Multimedia PC

8 pair of high performance flicker free wireless 3-D glasses!

1 High Powered Blaster Transmitter & PC Dongle

10 3D DVD Movies

Custom Configured Stereoscopic Software (For all advanced 3D format DVDs including Field Sequential, Sensio & High Definition 1080p 3D etc…)

Instruction Manual

This Professional Custom computer will work with any single connection application including a Depth-Q, most DLP projectors, certain other projectors, a single channel HMD (such as the Video 3D Pro), a CRT computer monitor etc…

Get ready to have a 3D experience that rivals that of smaller 3D theaters (in the privacy of your own home)!

Our Custom Professional computer will meet or exceed the following specifications:

Intel® QUAD Core (Core 2 Quad ***Supports 1080p or higher High Definition 3D movies)


1GB Graphics Card PCI-E

Keyboard & Mouse

6 Channel High Definition Audio, Windows XP Professional, 10/100Mbps Ethernet Network Card, Dual Layer DVD Burner & Rom, Top Quality memory & hard drive.


New (Projector Not Included)

Please contact us for details about compatible DLP projectors or see our 3D Projectors Page Flip Section (over 90% of DLP projectors are fully compatible).

Also all International orders ship in a slightly smaller, lighter computer case (which includes a Universal Power Supply):


Depth Q

Glasses operate at:

120hz refresh rate (flicker free)


Single DLP Projector

Glasses operate at:


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