3D Video Picture Frame!

3D Video Picture Frame!
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Now you can enjoy 3D anywhere with the new glasses free video picture frame!

Multiple connections

The “Glasses Free” Three Dimensional Multi-Media Player supports a wide range of storage devices, such as Micro SD Card, Compact Flash Card, and easily read replay stored audio and video files. By using high-speed 2.0USB interface, the Three Dimensional Multi-Media Player that supports USB storage, USB card reader and a digital camera to transfer images, audio data.

Easy manipulation

3Dinlife Three Dimensional Multi-Media Player provides the user a flexible manipulation program, by which users can choose using hidden button or remote control operation according to the actual environment. Large icon manipulation interface provides users a fresh visual effect in order to operate the various functions, and bring you a comfortable experience.

Excellent & Colorful Image Quality

The Liquid Crystal Display of 3Dinlife Three Dimensional Multi-Media Player provides a bright and colorful displaying effect of a beautiful image, with a variety of special displaying mode, so that displaying effects of the images can be more vivid and interesting.

Particular perfect display

With high pixel (800x480RGBx3) LCD screen and brightness up to 350CD/M2, 3Dinlife Three Dimensional Multi-Media Player can clearly show the details of a fine, vivid color and contrast and a high color reproducing rate image.

Lively and interesting mode

3Dinlife Three Dimensional Multi-Media Player is equipped with up to eight kinds of display modes, namely: normal, black and white, sepia (antique), frames (picture frames), len distortion, Z-light (bright), Chroma (RGB enhancement), edge (edge enhancement), which make your images displaying more interesting .

Comfortable display

3Dinlife Three Dimensional Multi-Media Player can display high pixel images recorded by most of the portable digital cameras and digital SLR cameras available in market, with its video player supports up to 720X480P@30PF by a smooth and fast screen.

Three dimensional displaying, showing reality

3Dinlife Three Dimensional Multi-Media Player carries a powerful stereoscopic display function that makes you feel as though is another space in the frame, with objects reachable at your fingertips, the characters lifelike, and real remodeling scene at the time, so you can feel amazing immersive experience.

The feeling of three dimensional, the feeling of life

3Dinlife Three Dimensional Multi-Media Player adopts world's leading free naked eye three dimensional display technology, which provide a higher contrast ratio displaying a more clear and beautiful images. Without any auxiliary equipment, we will see three dimensional effects and truly restore the shooting scene.

Free conversion between planar (2D) and three dimensional (3D)

The Three Dimensional Multi-Media Player provides one-click conversion function between planar (2D) and three dimensional, which can easily change planar images into three dimensional pictures, and at the same time enables planar film changing into stereoscopic videos to add extra viewing pleasure, and brings you a better life.

Powerful function with portability

3Dinlife Three Dimensional Multi-Media Player has a strong multimedia function, so you can not only enjoy the photos but also a variety of other functions such as calendar, clock, watching movies, listening to music and message, which can be used indoor, and during travel on the road to bring you enjoyable fun.

Main Features

Parallax barrier type glasses-free 3D digital stereoscopic display with resolution 800X480 pixels Freely 2D/3D image & video playback Freely convertibility between 2D & 3D contents Perfect invisible stylish bracket design Unique invisible touch key and infrared remote control Hi-Fi stereo sound Audio playback Voice message record, Alarm clock & Calendar Multi-picture display effect AV Out, Audio Output Build-in long standing Li-ion battery, freely mobile viewing


Brand New Factory Sealed

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