X-Force 3D Pro High Refresh Rate Wireless 3D Glasses

X-Force 3D Pro High Refresh Rate Wireless 3D Glasses
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X-Force 3D Pro Wireless High Refresh Rate Electronic Stereoscopic 3D Glasses

Please note These 3D Glasses are primarily for large application High Refresh Rate 3D use with either 3D projection or on HDTV “3D Ready” Televisions. Please feel free to contact us as we have custom IR Transmitter blasters available that will easily support in between 20-200 persons.


These high refresh high performance 3D glasses conform to European and other 3D Theater standards as the battery holder compartment is carefully located so that you can easily clean the glasses in between customer uses. They also utilize 2 CR2032 lithium batteries that can be purchased in bulk at a fraction of the cost of the ones that other similar glasses use.

These 3D glasses are exactly as pictured above with a clear front shield (if you need glasses with a tinted shield in the front for outdoor or for intense light applications please let us know as the alternate version is in stock ready to ship as well).

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