Blood Guts and Vamps 6 DVD 3D Boxed Set!

Blood Guts and Vamps 6 DVD 3D Boxed Set!
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Blood Guts and Vamps 6 DVD 3D Boxed Set!

These 6 Full Length real 3D movies are included:

Camp Blood, Hunting Season, Zombie Chronicles, Evil Unleashed The Mummy, Bloody Tease & Blood Sisters!

Camp Blood

The Circus just came back to town...

Ten years ago, a series of brutal murders rocked peaceful, isolated Camp Blackwood. The killer was never caught and the camp, renamed "Camp Blood" by the locals, was closed.

Today, two young couples decide to visit Camp Blood. Ignorant of the camp's terrible history, they hike deep into the woods. Soon the campers realize they are not alone. Someone is watching... waiting. The murders at Camp Blood are far from over... they have only just begun.

Hunting Season


When two campers on a peaceful weekend excursion are suddenly confronted and harassed by a pack of heavily armed outdoorsman, a brutal series of events ensues. A struggle for survival and sanity drives the surviving victim into a bloody vendetta of rage. The hunters become the hunted in this malicious game of cat and mouse.

Zombie Chronicles

Zombies, Zombies and more Zombies...

Tara Woodley is a reporter looking to do a story on the famous ghost legends of an old desert town. But she can't seem to find the place until she picks up a strange hitchhiker, Ebenezer Jackson, who tells her he knows the way. Ebenezer proceeds to lead the skeptical Tara on a journey... one involving a variety of characters like the Army Sergeant whose vicious cruelty kills a recruit and the three hapless campers who bumble into an old, cursed outlaw cemetery. All these folks have one thing in common -- THEY'RE DEAD! Thanks to some very angry zombies!

In the tradition of "Tales From The Crypt" and "Dawn of the Dead", come the three horrifying tales that make up the "Zombie Chronicles".

Evil Unleashed The Mummy

When an ancient burial ground is disturbed...

Evil is released into the present day life of four young teenagers. A deadly but beautiful mummy goes on a killing spree in the name of the Gods. Can anyone stop her, before everyone is killed? Can our teenagers save the day?

Bloody Tease

A new gentleman’s club, the Fetish Jam, has opened up in town. Ken, Sammy and Martin can’t wait to check the place out. On arrival, they are greeted by Treasure, Monique, and Serena, three beautiful young women on the prowl for young meat. Little do Ken and his friends know that these girls are more deadly than they are good looking. Before they know it, they are fighting for their lives, deciding between the feelings they’ve developed for these women and the deadly lifestyles that are hidden in the darkness of the club.

Blood Sisters

Have these Vampire Sorority Girls bitten off more than they can chew?...

A strange string of disappearances has Tracy's new college tense and paranoid. Her curious personality follows the blood trail right to the front door of one of the school's sororities. Tracy and her roommate, Melissa, go undercover to rush the sorority. Soon they discover that they've bitten off more than they can chew! Their new "sisters" end up being blood thirsty vampires.

Desperate to get out of her deadly situation, Tracy finds out that the truth is larger than she ever realized. Now her only salvation lies in the destruction of her Blood Sisters!

Will Tracy survive her plummet into 3-D horror thrills?

All DVDs are Official US Releases and are 100% Guaranteed!

Features 2D and 3D Versions Included

Dolby Digital

Condition Factory Sealed

Stereoscopic 3D DVDs (commonly referred to as Field Sequential, Shutter, Interlaced, LCS-LCD, electronic 3D etc…) can literally fly 9 feet off of the screen if you are ten feet away. These movies can be viewed in a number of different ways. For some of the most common methods please see our 3D Collections Stereoscopic.

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