BM Monitor ZScreen (Bezel Mounted) Stereographics Crystaleyes

BM Monitor ZScreen (Bezel Mounted) Stereographics Crystaleyes
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Bezel Mounted Monitor ZScreen (“BM Monitor ZScreen”). The BM Monitor ZScreen is a liquid crystal panel for workstation displays that delivers high-performance Stereo3D visulation capabilities. Designed for engineers, scientists and medical professionals who need to view complex 3D computer graphics models, the BM Monitor ZScreen provides the most realistic representation possible of visual information.

Highly regarded for GIS/Mapping applications, especially for dual display systems, the BM Monitor ZScreen is also the ideal solution for medical imaging, small group design review, presentations and simulations. The BM Monitor ZScreen allows users to reduce errors and increase productivitiy by providing high-resolution Stereo3D visulation for professional applications.

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