CrystalEyes Workstation (CE-WS) Stereographics 3D Glasses (Compatible with Crystaleyes 3)

CrystalEyes Workstation (CE-WS) Stereographics 3D Glasses (Compatible with Crystaleyes 3)
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CrystalEyes Workstation is a lightweight, wireless set of liquid crystal shutter eyewear designed for Stereo3D™ imaging on the desktop. CrystalEyes Workstation 3D Glasses are activated by an infrared emitter that connects to the user’s workstation. CrystalEyes Workstation 3D glasses are not designed for CAVEs, and large view Immersive environments CrystalEyes 3 is appropriate for these environments (however the Crystaleyes Workstation is appropriate for virtually all other applications).

Crystaleyes Workstation vs Crystaleyes 3. The difference between the two is not obvious at first glance, they look identical and both have a horizontal field of view of 90 degrees. However, the CrystalEyes Workstation (CE-WS) is built for the desktop and is designed to to reduce interference from room lighting that produces infrared radiation by using a smaller VERTICAL field-of-view (60 degrees, 20 above the horizon and 40 below), and these are not designed for CAVEs (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) and Immersive environments - whereas the CrystalEyes 3 (CE-3) ARE intended for these environments with a greater vertical field-of-view (140 degrees in total) to give the necessary greater freedom of head movement in these environments. These can be problematic at workstations in a lit-overhead room.

Ultimate3DHeaven carries both Crystaleyes 3 and Crystaleyes Workstation 3D glasses and will do so forever as they are virtually the best 3D glasses ever manufactured and this type of quality is no longer manufactured today (Crystaleyes 4 & 5 are much lower quality).

Stereo3D is the use of computer technology to recreate the way we naturally see depth — stereoscopically. Stereoscopic viewing describes how we use both eyes — each with a slightly different perspective — to perceive depth in a physical environment. Stereo3D delivers the most realistic visual representation possible of complex digital models, giving engineers and scientists the best possible understanding of three-dimensional information, and yielding levels of technical proficiency not available using a typical 3D view.

Stereoscopic viewing describes how we use both eyes - each with a slightly different perspective - to perceive depth in a physical environment.

Product Highlights:

Long Battery Life - CrystalEyes eyewear automatically turns off when the temples are closed. Permits battery life in excess of 250 hours, 50% more than previous CrystalEyes models.

New Battery Indicator Light- Alerts user when to replace batteries.

Comfort - Multiple fit options provide greater comfort and accommodate a wide array of users. At 3.3 oz. (93 grams), CrystalEyes is as comfortable as a pair of eyeglasses.

Image Quality - CrystalEyes delivers a typical dynamic range of 1500:1 ensuring a realistic, high-resolution, ghost-free color image.

Wide Field of View - An infrared emitter synchronizes CrystalEyes eyewear with the stereoscopic image allowing for any number of users to simultaneously use CrystalEyes with complete freedom of movement.

Video Compatibility - View stereo video images on stereo-ready color displays in real-time.

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