Cymouse - PC Head Tracker

Cymouse - PC Head Tracker
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Cymouse - PC Virtual Reality Head Tracker

Product Highlights:

Cymouse is compatible with any PC game that accepts keyboard and/or mouse input.

Cymouse does not interfere with other game controllers attached to your system.

There are no moving parts in Cymouse. No springs to wear out or pots to dirty up.

Cymouse is very light on system resources, as it uses infra-red light and math to determine head position.

Easy-to-use profiling software makes configuration painless. Example profiles are included.

Cymouse is powered by the computer via USB. No external power source is needed.

Headset weighs a mere five ounces and shapes itself to your head over time. It can be stretched by hand if necessary.

"Make moves you never thought possible"

"Hands-free navigation"

"Works with any PC game"

Package includes:


Monitor sensor


USB cable

Installation CD

User Manual

Cymouse is a precision, six degree-of-freedom positional and angular head tracking device. The first three "degrees of freedom" are coordinate movements along the X, Y, and Z axes. A mouse is a 2-D peripheral, detecting movement along two of the three axes previously mentioned. Cymouse detects movement in all three, as well as rotation on those axes. Cymouse can detect the movement of your head and translate that to computer control, For example "looking up, down, left, right" emulates the cursor control of your desktop mouse. Moving your head "toward the monitor or away from the monitor" is also detected and can be programmed to be computer control functions. Moving your head "up", "down", "left", or "right" are also detected and can become computer control functions.

Cymouse will work with any application written for the Windows operating system, version 2000 or XP 32 bit versions.

By allowing 8 distinct "controls" with your head you can have Cymouse Technology work with all of your existing computer control devices. Most people would already have a keyboard and mouse. Some people may have a joystick, speech recognition, trackball or other peripherals. Cymouse Technology will work with them all as long as they are USB peripherals. For instance in a video game you could have your mouse and keyboard for aiming and navigation. Your Cymouse could be used to switch weapons or make one of your favorite "moves". In hands free control of your desktop you could move the cursor with the pitch and yaw, and have movement on the "Z axis" (move toward or away from the screen) be your click and double click. This makes it easy to send and receive email, browse the web, play solitaire, or almost any other computer function hands free.

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