Dementia 13

Dementia 13
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Francis Ford Coppola's directorial debut is now available in 3D!

A tangled web of lies and murder haunt the dignified Haloran family as they gather in an eerie Irish castle to mourn the death of Kathleen, their youngest daughter. Louise Haloran must await the death of her crazy mother-in-law while attempting to hide the death of her husband in order to receive her inheritance. Richard Haloran tries in vain to make wedding plans with his fiancée. All the while an axe murderer lurks in the mist waiting for the perfect moment to pounce on this ill-fated Irish clan.

Features 2D and 3D Versions Included

Switch between versions as the movie plays

Trailers for new 3D titles

Dolby Digital

Please Note: Rare Out Of Print Slingshot Version (comes exactly as pictured).

Condition Factory Sealed

Stereoscopic 3D DVDs (commonly referred to as Field Sequential, Shutter, Interlaced, LCS-LCD, electronic 3D etc…) can literally fly 9 feet off of the screen if you are ten feet away. These movies can be viewed in a number of different ways. For some of the most common methods please see our 3D Collections Stereoscopic.

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