Grindhouse Double Feature Vol 2 [Blu-ray 3D]

Grindhouse Double Feature Vol 2 [Blu-ray 3D]
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Grindhouse Double Feature Vol 2 (Bluray 3D)

Contains the two full length features Camp Blood 1 & Camp Blood 2 Within The Woods

“Official 3D Bluray Release”

Total Runtime over 3 hours!

Rated R (Violence, Gore, Nudity & Adult Situations)

Camp Blood

The Circus just came back to town... Ten years ago, a series of brutal murders rocked peaceful, isolated Camp Blackwood. The killer was never caught and the camp, renamed "Camp Blood" by the locals, was closed. Today, two young couples decide to visit Camp Blood. Ignorant of the camp's terrible history, they hike deep into the woods. Soon the campers realize they are not alone. Someone is watching... waiting. The murders at Camp Blood are far from over... they have only just begun.

Camp Blood 2

Patricia is the lone survivor of the first terror spree in this sequel to the first Camp Blood movie. After being sent away to an insane asylum for the murder of her friends, she is given a chance to return to the scene with a film crew and recreate the terror filled events of the story. Unfortunately another masked homicidal clown turns up, once again turning the spot into a scene of murder and mayhem. One by one the cast members begin to disappear.

This 3D Blu-ray disc will play in 2D without a 3D ready television. To watch this movie in Blu-ray 3D, you will need a 3D ready television, active-shutter glasses and a 3D Blu-ray player (or PS3).

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