Historical World Tour in 3D Part 1: The Americas

Historical World Tour in 3D Part 1: The Americas
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All aboard for the Historical World Tour!

The 100,000 mile journey begins with part 1, the Americas. See the monuments of Washington D.C. and the Liberty Bell of Philadelphia's Independence Hall. This entertaining series of 50 vintage 3D photographs continues on to the Big Apple, New York City, before taking us down the east coast to sunny Florida. After Havana cigars in Cuba we visit the sacred Aztec temples of Mexico and ride the banana railroad through Central America before crossing the Panama Canal into South America!

Across the equator to the snowcapped Andes Mountains!

These informative photographs, taken throughout the Americas, allow you to experience, in detail, the wonders of the New World.

Product Features:

• 50 stunning 3D photos in high and low resolution!

• Detailed text and narration

• Glossary of insect terminology

• Automated slide show option


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