MICHAEL JACKSON 3D GLASSES this is it grammy

MICHAEL JACKSON 3D GLASSES this is it grammy
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Official 3D Glasses for the GRAMMY AWARDS

This will be a segment of footage originally intended for Jackson's comeback concerts at the London O2 Arena that is now an extended outtake from the concert documentary "Michael Jackson's This Is It." The 3-D segment that will air on the Grammys was meant to be shown before Jackson performed "Earth Song," for which the original video is embedded above. It's a short film that spans the full length of the song, snippets of which were seen in the film"This Is It."

"It starts out with some beautiful images of the world and our environment, and Michaelís child-like love for animals and birds and dolphins," Ehrlich said, describing the clip. "It introduces a little girl, a beautiful little girl who at one point in the film basically goes to sleep, and when she wakes up -- sheís in a forest and itís very pastoral -- and when she wakes up, all of a sudden itís all changed and itís bad. The environment is being affected and trees are being cut down.Ē

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