Long Range High Powered 3D Blaster Transmitter (3DH-1000)

Long Range High Powered 3D Blaster Transmitter (3DH-1000)
Item# 3DH-1000
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Includes one Din-3 Pro Theater High Powered 3D Blaster Transmitter.

This professional design covers a radius of approximately 160° by 30 feet & you can also add in one add on array which includes 8 more high performance LEDs and plugs in directly into the back of the main unit.

This unit works with virtually any Din-3 application such as PC dongles, Quadro Video Cards etc… for any purpose such as Video Projection or high definition 3D viewing. It performs at any refresh rate including 120hz flicker free.

Please Note: This item is an accessory only. Please see our other items if you do not already have the software, movies and or glasses. The IR signal that this unit puts off matches that of Terminator and ELSA design glasses (E-Dimensional, Razor 3D & iGlasses).



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