IMAX Santa vs Snowman Sensio 3-D DVD

IMAX Santa vs Snowman Sensio 3-D DVD
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IMAX Santa Vs Snowman 3D DVD

From the Academy Award nominated team that brought you Jimmy Neutron, comes the first-ever 3D holiday IMAX film, Santa vs. the Snowman. Santa vs. the Snowman tells the story of a lonely Snowman who at first is swept away by the magical wonders of Santa's Village, only to ultimately wage war on Santa because he's jealous of all the attention Santa gets during Christmas time. An epic-scale polar war develops. The hilarious battle features such holiday defense mechanisms as hot chocolate squirt guns, giant Igloo Robot Walkers and even a 50-foot tall toy soldier manned by Santa himself. IN STUNNING IMAX 3D!

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Sensio 3D DVDs can literally fly 9 feet off of the screen if you are ten feet away. These movies can be viewed either with a Sensio Processor, a “3D Ready Television” or with a 3D Compatible projector using a computer that can properly decode side by side (Full Frame). Please refer to our Sensio Section Sensio 3D .

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