Pinch Glove

Pinch Glove
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Probably the world's most widely used virtual manipulation device.

Allows users to 'pinch' and 'grab' virtual objects or initiate action. Each finger can be programmed to generate different actions. Users can program as many functions as can be remembered. The PINCH Glove System provides a reliable, low cost method of recognizing natural gestures.

The PINCH System uses cloth gloves with electrical sensors in each fingertip. Contact between any two or more digits completes a conductive path, and a complex variety of "pinch" gestures can be programmed into applications. A pinching gesture can be used to grab a virtual object and a finger snap can be used to initiate an action.

The System includes a pair of gloves, tracker mounts, interface electronics, user's guide, and software. The standard RS-232 serial interface allows the PINCH to be used with virtually any workstation or PC.

Gesture Space:

System detects and verifies digit contact among any two or more digits

Elapsed time between gestures is recorded

Requires no calibration


RS-232 protocol communicates gesture information and time stamps

Dip-Switch selectable baud rates include 9600 and 19200

Sample source code is available for either SGI or PC platforms


120VAC 11W to 9W wall transformer

2.1 mm plug

Product Features:

Includes 1 pair of gloves

Tracker mounts

Interface electronics

User's guide and software

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