Refurbished DLP Link 3D Glasses UltraClear HD

Refurbished DLP Link 3D Glasses UltraClear HD
Item# 3DH_0938
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DLP LINK Wireless 3D Glasses (Refurbished)

These state of the art ultra clear newly designed low cost glasses out perform any other 3D glasses.

Includes one pair of high performance Ultra-Clear DLP LINK 3D Glasses, microfiber cleaning cloth and glasses bag.


Refurbished Demo Unit - Very Good - Fully Tested

Our Ultra-Clear HD 3-D Glasses equal and exceed the quality and comfort of all major brands. Now you don't have to pay hundreds of dollars for extra 3D glasses!

Works great with any DLP Link compatible 3D Device.

Please Note: These high performance 3D Glasses are fully compatible with any DLP Link Based setup. DLP Link Products include most 3D Ready Projectors & many DLP televisions. No transmitter is needed as DLP Link devices already put off a 3D signal for the Ultra-Clear DLP link 3D Shutter glasses to decode.

These high performance DLP Link 3D Glasses also work perfectly with DLP 3D Ready televisions that put off a DLP link signal however

If you have a Din-3 3D IR Port on your television we recommend this item instead: 3D Glasses Pack

For International Customers only these glasses will ship without batteries due to new USPS Regulations (no worries as you can easily pick up CR2032 batteries for less than $1 each easily on the Internet). One Battery typically lasts about 100-200 hours depending on usage. Thanks for looking!

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