Virtual FX 3D Converter!! and 14 DVDs TECHNO SYSTEM

Virtual FX 3D Converter!! and 14 DVDs TECHNO SYSTEM
Item# 3DH-171
Extra Wireless 3D Glasses:  Add Universal International Power Supply: 
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Get the absolute ultimate in the 3D movie experience, with our TECHNO Movie Pack. Includes 14 DVD titles, two pair of wireless glasses and the VFX 3D converter box. This advanced unit can also add 3D depth to any 2D video signal... from DVDs, VCRs and even video games! That's hours of mind-blowing 3D fun! Packages includes connection cables, power supply, and instructions.

This great collection includes the following items, all brand new factory sealed:

Virtual FX 3D Converter

IMAX Haunted Castle

IMAX Alien Adventure

IMAX Encounter In The Third Dimension


Apt. 51: Devil Bat

Apt. 51: Robot Monster

Dementia 13

The Creeps

Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe

Night of the Living Dead

Raiders of the Sacred Stone

Camp Blood

The Street Corner Kids 2

3D Zoo Animals

Condition New

Please Note: CRT or “Tube” type regular televisions are highly recommended for use with the 3D Video Viewing Systems. These types of televisions refresh their image in a very consistent manner, which makes it very easy for the 3D system to synchronize to the signal. So if you have a regular television read no further and press buy it now for an amazing 3D experience!

If you have an HDTV Ready television picture tube style television just make sure that you can change the setting to 425i or 525i and it will work great! HDTV, Plasma, LCD, and many projection television systems refresh their image in a random manner making it so that many of these televisions are not compatible with 3D viewing systems. Basically some are compatible and most are not.

International buyers the 3D viewing systems will not work with the newer televisions that are 100 HTZ. These systems do work with your regular televisions and are the exact same models as Razor 3D Europe carries.

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