Optoma 3D Glasses Starter Kit Rechargeable Compatible Ultra-Clear DLP Link

Optoma 3D Glasses Starter Kit Rechargeable Compatible Ultra-Clear DLP Link
Item# 3DH_4429
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Optoma 3D Glasses Starter Kit Rechargeable Compatible Ultra-Clear DLP Link

Includes everything you need to get started and more!

5 Official 3D Blu-rays of your choice

2 Top Quality DLP link Shutter Glasses

2 USB Charging Cables & free additional 2 3D Glasses Wall Chargers

2 Microfiber Cloths and Storage Bags

1 HDMI 1.4 3D Cable

Instruction Manual

These 3D Glasses are designed for use with any Optoma 3D projector!

These model numbers include: 3DW1, DK3902, DM181, DM3505, DN3613, DS326, DS329, DS339, DS550, DS551, DW318, DW339, DX327, DX329, DX339, DX550, DX551, ES550, ES551, EW531, EW533, EW536, EW605, EW610, EW675UT, EW675UTis, EW775, EX539, EX542i, EX550, EX551, EX565, EX605ST, EX610, EX665, EX665UT, EX762, EX779, EX785, F10AS3D, GT360, GT700, GT720, GT750, GT750E, HD20, HD21, HD300X, HD33, HD3300, HD36, HD5101, HD600X, HD66, HD67, HD6700, HD67N, HD83, HD8300, HD87, IS500, ML500, PRO160S, PRO260X, PRO350W, PRO360W, TL30W, TL50W, TL50W-GOV, TS551, TW556-3D, TW610ST, TW610STi, TW615, TW615-GOV, TW631-3D, TW635-3D, TW675UST-3D, TW675UTi-3D, TW675UTiM-3D, TW695UT-3D, TW695UTi-3D, TW762, TW762-GOV, TW775, TW865-NL, TX542, TX551, TX565UT-3D, TX610ST, TX612, TX615-3D, TX615-GOV, TX631-3D, TX635-3D, TX665UST-3D, TX665UTi-3D, TX665UTiM-3D, TX762, TX762-GOV, TX779, TX785, X118, XE149, XE151, XE3503, ZD102 and any other Optoma 3D projector not listed.

- Finally glasses that feel and look as good as designer sunglasses

- Larger viewing area than other 3D glasses

- Built in rechargeable battery for added convenience

- Steel hinges and durable frames with a soft comfortable fit

- Best overall value $10 or more less than other lower quality glasses

- Includes carrying bag, users guide, micro fiber cleaning cloth, USB charging cable and an indestructible storage case

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